Mental Wellbeing

Your mental health and wellbeing is often overlooked during breast cancer treatment. A breast cancer diagnosis can have long-lasting mental health effects. From anxiety about the future to the stress of treatment it is completely normal to feel mixed emotions. Whilst these are normal responses, this can cause long-term mental health challenges and negatively impact quality of life. We want to empower women to take control and seek emotional support. Listed below we have a number of support groups and information available across Melbourne.

If you feel you need one on one support with a psychologist, talk to your GP about whether you are eligible for treatment under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. This will entitle you up to 10 Medicare-subsidised appointments with a clinical psychologist.

For further information on the GP Mental Health Treatment Plan see this website:

To access the Australian Psychological Society ‘find a psychologist’ service:

Breast cancer social group

We invite all women of all ages, diagnosed with early breast cancer at St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne, to join us on the first Friday of each month. Our aim is to provide a relaxed and informal environment for women to develop ongoing relationships. Check in regularly to our site for updates and information on the next meeting and for what’s happening in and around Melbourne.

Breast Cancer Australia

For information on managing emotional changes after a diagnosis and during breast cancer treatment see this website:

Cancer council Victoria

Cancer council is available to anyone going through a cancer diagnosis or have a love one affected. You can phone a cancer nurse on 13 11 20 or contact them through

Further information:

BCNA- online support

This is an online peer to peer support community where women and men affected by breast cancer can find information and support.

Further information:

Think Pink

The Think Pink foundation provides emotional, practical and physical support through a comprehensive range of programs free of charge at the living centre facility.

Further information:


Counterpart connects, supports and informs women living with breast or gynaecological cancer to live well. Trained peer support volunteers provide emotional and practical support supplemented by a range of information resources and well-being sessions with qualified health professionals.

Further information:

Otis Foundation

The OTIS Foundation provides retreat accommodation at no cost to anyone dealing with the challenges of breast cancer.

Further information:

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