Regular exercise can have many benefits during and after your breast cancer treatment. From lessening treatment side effects including fatigue, weight gain and lowered bone density, to improved recovery time following surgery, managing stress and anxiety and sleep associated with a breast cancer diagnosis to reducing the risk of breast cancer recurrence, there is really no reason for exercise not to be included in your treatment plan. There are many programs available, please discuss with you medical team which is the best fit for you.

Oncology Rehab

All patients undergoing their breast cancer treatment at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne will be offered to participate in this program. Either your oncology nurse practitioner or breast care nurse will discuss this program with you and arrange a referral should you wish to participate. The oncology rehabilitation program runs over 6 weeks and combines health education, exercise and support for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, including surgery.  

Further information:


EX-MED cancer is an exercise medicine program providing individualised exercise prescriptions to people with cancer. This program runs for 3 months and can be commenced at any time during and after treatment. Discuss with your breast care nurse or oncology nurse practitioner if you wish to be referred to this program.

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INFORM Exercise

Inform exercise are a group of exercise physiologists specialising in the management and treatment of chronic and complex health conditions including breast cancer.

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Community Health Cancer Rehabilitation Program

The cancer rehabilitation program is for cancer survivors who wish to improve their quality of life by gaining confidence with exercise, managing fatigue, improving nutrition and managing stress. The groups combine supervised exercises, education and discussion sessions, with self-management support in a group setting.

For further information: https://www.peninsulahealth.org.au/services/peninsula-health-community-health/cancer-rehabilitation-program/

Eastern Health Cancer Oncology Rehabilitation Program

During this program participants attend twice a week for seven weeks. Each group session consisting of one hour of tailored exercise followed by one hour of information.

For further information: https://www.easternhealth.org.au/services/item/94-cancer-oncology-rehabilitation-program

Living Longer, Living Stronger Program

Strength training programs specifically designed to meet the needs of older people.

See below for further information: https://www.cotavic.org.au/our-programs/strength-training/

Moving beyond Cancer

An exercise physiology team who specialise in the prescription and delivery of safe and effective exercise and lifestyle modifications for the prevention and management of chronic diseases in either a group or individual setting.

For further information: https://mepg.com.au/moving-beyond-cancer/

Upwell health Collective

Build your physical and mental resilience before you start your treatment with this carefully crafted package. Upwell`s highly skilled allied health and wellness professionals will collaborate in your care and work closely with your surgeon or oncologist along the way. Choose from either exercise physiology (personalised exercises) or clinical Pilates as your primary movement, and compliment it with two relaxing massages and a restorative yoga session to help balance your mind body and spirit.

For Further Information: https://upwellhealth.com.au/

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